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Welcome to our wonderful candy emporium, The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

in Whistler, where your sweetest dreams come to life!

Like candy and chocolate? You're in for a treat! Our store is filled to the brim with sweet goodness, including imported confectionary and nostalgic treats from the US & the UK. Grab and bag and go crazy with our Great Candy Wall, with over 100 bins of bulk candy to choose from! With hundreds of sweets, cards, balloons, toys, and more, it's a must-do in Whistler.

Come and say hi, and grab some goodies at the Great Glass Elevator candy & party store in Whistler!

Pick and Mix Candy

lots of choice

endless possibilities of Pick & Mix with over 100 bins of bulk candy!

Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

Locally Owned

...and female owned!

Buy from Great Glass Elevator & support local

Gift Shop

bespoke gifts

modern, boutique items for those memorable moments

Balloons, Toys, Cards, Party Supplies

Quality Products

premium brands of confectionary, toys, cards, party supplies & more!

Balloons Whistler

Order Balloons Online
& Collect In-Store

NEW! NOW Online!

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